Identity for Bablab - Joinery / Exhibition / Live Music.
Bablab was launched in 2013 as a project combining intersection, exchange and production. For many years formally a carpentry workshop, the laboratory was set up to produce organs and other musical instruments. Its identity draws inspiration from north European type factories mixed with the concept of artisan skills and the working of metal and wood. In 2013, the decision was taken to expand from merely being a site of production to becoming a complex of containers with an open-door policy to the city and its creative forces.
Bablab represents an opportunity to showcase talent, meet people and develop projects. Exhibitions, live music gigs, DJ sets and carpentry workshops.

Andrea Roversi Business Card

Business Card for Andrea Roversi Photographer.
Andrea gratuated at Scuola Romana di Fotografia in Rome in 2013.
He is involved in reportage and story telling photography, travel and portrait too.
The hole calls back the stenopeic photography.

Nutrimenti Festival / Emergenze Contemporanee 2013

It 's a complex system of support for young creativity. It is a project of Demetra Association, between culture and youth policy, which aims to create an integrated system of emergence, support, guidance, development and promotion of youth creativity in all its forms.
The project Nutrimenti was founded in 2007 and is by nature changeable, as measured with the surrounding environment that is constantly changing.

As expected main actions:
The emergence and support of innovative projects for young people or groups of young people through artistic residencies.
The organization of events on the creativity of youth.
The selection of a training program.
The construction of a permanent network raises the possibility of creating a coordinating able to multiply and differentiate support for the creativity of young people in the region of Umbria.

Chroma font @ Accademia delle Arti e Nuove Tecnologie / Roma

Monospaced font for titles, projected and designed at Accademia delle Arti e Nuove tecnologie in Rome.

Chroma takes his inspiration from colours and their alchemy.
The font was quoted by Luc Devroye of McGill University in Montrel,
in the type designers list.

K-R-E-M- @ Festival della Creatività 2013 Roma

K- R- E- M- was selected for Festival della Creatività 2013 in Rome for Factory Nuovo Spazio Giovani di Roma Capitale.

Take a look to entire project.

Photo by Gianluca Pantaleo

Artwork for "L'incostanza di un momento" first Outback's album

"L'incostanza di un momento"

All photos here

produced by
Progetto UD
Executive producerRoberto Vallerignani
Recorded byAlessandro Beltrameat the Musical Academy in Terni

Mixed byStefano "Orkid" Santiat Bad Things Studio in Milano

Mastered byRoberto Cuotoloat Massive Arts in Milano

"Liquido" official video by Francesco Brunotti"Call me maybe" cover

Colllective Design project

Colllective Design Project is a no-permanent installation format that involves the construction of a drawing, done by people randomly in time, each time in a different place.
Starting with a theme, materials and guidelines to follow, provided by the project, participants are invited to leave there a "mark" on their own or together with other people, at their convenience.
The project will provide all the information about the places and dates of events and themes through the web, 

a fundamental tool to support the project.

E' un format installativo non permanente che prevede la realizzazione di un artefatto (disegno) eseguito dalle persone in maniera casuale nel tempo.
Partendo da un tema, dei materiali e linee guida da seguire, provviste dal progetto, i partecipanti sono invitati a lasciare un proprio segno da soli, o con altre persone, come meglio credono.
Verranno fornite tutte le informazioni sul luogo, le date degli eventi e i temi, attraverso il web, un strumento fondamentale a supporto del progetto stesso.